Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Silver Soar Pt3

Not even completely done and allready this picture makes me cry out loud, looking at all the nice details like the revcounter in place of oddometer, a lot of small changes, yet perfectly executed. And I pretty sure that although this car is perfect in every way, the sheer look of it will also make the purists cry, for slightly diferent reasons though, yet another one lost the are bound to think.

Silver Soar Pt2

Again, this garage could easily be situated in the land of the promised ( what's in a name! ). This is the actual engine shoehorned in to the back of that poor bug behind it.

Silver Soar

Only upon closer inspection you can grasp to what extent this cabbe was custored. Perfect in any way. And you should really see what the owner had to work with to result in his Silver Soar.

Ah,... Beautifull SoCal

One could easily imagine being in California, when looking at these Lookers. An oval, a split and a semaphored cabbe shod with Fuchs, flanked by yet another oldie but goldie on Empi's. And all in possession of the stance. But lo and behold, this is only a sunny summer day in Sweden.

I've been shown the error of my ways

According to Jelle aka Low Fat Bus, the turbocharged T34 is in fact not a Nordic Dragcar, but rather as English as Worchester Sauce, yet a lot tastier. This is it, finished and in full swing. Luckily I do have some dedicated know-it-all readers to correct me if I'm wrong.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A few projects Pt3

And to close this Scandinavian workshop tour, an even nuttier, more unfinnished but promising project. Ken's car will be as sharp as a razor and maybe thats just what it is, a Tüp 34 Razor-edge. Or should be, because I just can't imagine how it will turn out, I don't know if you noticed but the engine sits in front, right underneath all that turbo mayhem. And up front is normally where your stash of HotVW's would sit, or in case of Ffred his collection of Playboys.

A few projects Pt2

If the last one already spoke to the inner nutter we all have inside ( I know I have one ), then this one surely will. A tubular chassis, built in a shed, and in a dark corner, a 356 shell, allready skinned, just waiting to be butchered and used as disguise for sanity. This guy knows what he's doing though, as he has a few more thorough breds in his stable. Check out Yyrie of the Slugracing team.

A few projects

I hope they restore the outside of this Vari back to stock speck, it would make the perfect sleeper. Just imagine, you, in front of the lights sitting next to Gramps grocery hauler. And when the lights turn he unleashes all of the power of his Porsche engine, crammed in a tubular chassis. I bet you won't know what hit you.
Sadly, this is the only picture of this car I found so far. If someone knows how it turned out, or if it still in parts, speak up, will you.

Full throttle

Yet some more dragracing. They even have rails in Scandinavia, and not just for shows, they burn rubber with those deathtraps. These cars are not only dangerous for the drivers, check out the safetyprecautions on the side of the track, or rather the lack of them. I wouldn't love to be an innocent bystander, it would make me feel like Buster of Mythbusters fame.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wheelstanding action Pt3

And this is the Belle from the previous post, out of her car, stripped from the neck up. It must be true when they say that Scandinavian women are emancipated and liberated. And now we also have to admit to them being fast.

Wheelstanding action Pt2

Another one dances the Can Can, whipping up the front legs of her buggy, just playing hard to get.

Wheelstanding action

Some hard launching can be seen, performed by hot, lightweight, roll-caged, high tech buggies.

Svensk Look Pt3

Hot VW's and Dune Buggies, although I doubt if the buggy on the right would ever get to the summit of even the smallest sandy hill. But I guess if only the asphalt leading to that dune is long enough you'd be able to launch that buggy up to anywhere.

Svensk Look Pt2

Again, this could be California in days gone by. That is if you don't pay too much attention to the scenery, pine tree forests are more likely to be seen way up North. But the dead give-away has to be this funky shows visitor right next to the Bermed Split. Yellow baseballcap and hoody, matched to Johny sweatpants and big pumped sneakers, plain wrong.
By the way, Mr. Messie, those flowers sure would look nice on a 67 sliding roof, would't they.

Svensk Look

Black Oval on Centerlines belongs to Håkan Lundgren and was SST class winner in 1996. It has the clean looks, the stance, the power, everything except the location has Cal Look written all over it, in Swedish off course.

Dragracing in Sweden

Scandinavia has a wonderfull dragracing heritage. And amongst the heavy V8, tiny flat fours struggle trough the staging lanes towards the starting lines. I don't know whether the VWDRK is still operating or long since defunkt, as last updates on their site date from early 2004. But a lot of nice pictures, by now vintage, of potent Swedish and other Nordic Hotwheels can be found.
I love the logo by the way, very Eighties American.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy homecoming

This one goes out to First Class Pervert Fernando. He's due home this weekend and we all expect some massive updates on his VW 1500 Sex Blog. And although, sometimes, he would like us to believe otherwise, I'm pretty sure he likes these perky, little sloped headlights best.
And we all know I ain't talking 'bout no cars now, do we.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wolfparts of Sweden

Don't be to surprised about the Karmann though, these guys are in the trade. They fabricate all sorts of metalware for the restoration of our beloved metal stallions. Amongst which this nice replica oval cab motorlucka. Mind you these slots are not welded in, they are pressed in, just the way they did it in the Wagenwerks. The raindrain piece is still in development but should be ready soon. Check out their other parts on wolfparts.com.

The ancient art of panelbeating Pt3

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is the same car, not yet finished but you get the drift. And if you don't believe it, check out the pictures in between. This is what I call craftmanship.

The ancient art of panelbeating Pt2

And if it wasn't bad enough to have to repair the complete roof section, almost every panel has been eaten by the infamous Tin Worm. This would end up as a nice pile of old metal in most cases, salvage what can be salvaged.

The ancient art of panelbeating

This is definately the car you'd hate to buy, unless it could function as a parts car, and donate some of its components to help you finnish your otherwise pristine Karmann. Not when you're in Sweden though, there this is just the beginning of yet another insane resto.

Pour tous les visiteurs Français

These wheels are making me F*cking F*mous. I must have had like the double of my regular visitors, only because JMFastback mentioned my blog on a DSR topic on Flat4Ever. So this one is for him, assuming that his nick has something to do with these cars of the Third Kind.
This is a picture dating back to 2002, showing the Notch of Boris, the other half of Scharzwald Performance, trial fitting one of the coveted wheels. Notice that the PCD isn't wide five, I suspect that these were drilled for fitment to Porsche brakes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Boys and their toys Pt2

This one is even nicer, same site, same time. Built by Modern Toys from Japan, this is some sort of Meccano set. You've got to assemble it yourself and according to the box it has back and forth action. Don't we all love that.
I made a bit of an websearch for it but couldn't find the same box anywhere, I found some replica boxes of the same vintage for sale on an American website, and they went for incredible prices. But someone else must have known, as again I was outbid, still he made himself a bargain.

Boys and their toys

Up for sale on a Swedish Ebuy of some sort. Built by Techno, a Danish toy manufacturer, still with the OG box. I just loved it, but someone outbid me. But there's always more where that comes from.

Eighties Refugee Pt4

This is maybe the only flaw to me, other than the interior of course, it is no longer an aircooled car. It sticks to its heritage though, being propelled by a VW 1.9 Wasserboxer, but it just is not he same.

Eighties Refugee Pt3

A bit of Billet thrown in, full carpets, a huge amp and to top it all off, a Jackson Pollock padded front hood. This car is the bomb.

Eighties Refugee Pt2

Now this I would change as soon as it came into my garage. This interior is a bit to gay, even for the Eighties. But you got to love the builders consistency to the theme. And as said before it is all about the theme.

Eighties Refugee

This one just came up for sale in Sweden. The purists need not be to alarmed, this is merely a 66, built to look like a hacked up Oval. And hacked up it is, check the kidnappardörrar and the Tear drop back end lights. Don't get me wrong, but I like cars like this, crazy customs. I would be mad enough to buy it, if it were not for the fact that it is way up north in Luleå, some 2500 km from my home.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Art in motion

And while we're at the drags, lets stick to the topic. This is the paintwork design made by Mark Gredzinski for the Keith Seume VW Pro Bug. To bad it never got sprayed, as it looks powerfull to me. And we all know that looks will win the race.
And for more nice dragrelated pictures you should wander around a bit on the location, as there is a lot of English racing history to be seen, no more VWs though.

A day at the drags Pt3

And just one more to upset Long Tall Eddy Von der S., a butchered up Samba. This Swiss car has one narrow front end for a Fat Chick, the rear being in better proportions.

A day at the drags Pt2

Even wheelstanding action is there to be seen at the tracks. And even though this car must run in Altered Engine class with its massive V8 in front, it has still the beautifull curves we get a hard-on for.

A day at the drags

Who would ever try to run a beetle against a full on slingshot. If you look real close, the bug is Landy blown and guessing by the mahoosive wheelie bars excessive power is to be expected. But still, doesn't seem like they are matched up.
But in the dazzling world of slotcar dragracing everything goes, well almost everything as the rules and regulations may even be stricter then in real size racing.